hplc.io.load_chromatogram(fname, cols, delimiter=',', dropna=False)

Parses a file containing a chromatogram and returns it as a Pandas DataFrame.

  • fname (str) – The path to the file containing the chromatogram. This must be a text file (i.e. not .xslx!)

  • cols (list or dict) – The desired columns present in the file. If provided as a dict, columns will be renamed as key -> value. If not provided, it will be assumed that the chromatogram begins without needing to skip any lines.

  • delimiter ('str') – The delimiter character separating columns in the chromatogram.

  • dropna (bool) – If True, NaN’s will be dropped from the chromatogram.


df – The chromatogram loaded as a Pandas DataFrame with the desired columns.

Return type: